The illustrated characters below are simply the author's imagined representation. 

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SABINA TESLA (20s), is a gifted pilot. With a broad understanding of Assurity, she is able to compensate for the two deceased crew members. Italian/Brazilian, her parents are successful industrialists living in Brazil, part of the League of American States. Sabina, the youngest of the crew, is nicknamed ''beauty''. She’s little and pretty. She is the kindest girl you will ever meet, but she will throw you an insult faster than a shooting star. She doesn’t want anyone else to captain the ship except Veronika and sides with Veronika when things go snarky. Compassionate, she makes fast friends with Xiao Xing when no one else will. Sabina wouldn't be embarrassed to be seen busily inspecting her cheekbones for pimples in the wall mirror. She's a great friend, and you can always depend on her, but if you cross her she'll tell you to ''take a leap out the airlock''— as long as you're not the captain.