The illustrated characters below are simply the author's imagined representation. 

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VERONIKA TAYLOR MORGAN The heroine,  (45), a driven professional, is married to Dr. Niles Morgan. They have a son, Ori (12), and a daughter, Cassia Morgan (21). Abandoned by her Alzheimer’s-stricken father, who took his own life on her 21st birthday, she was forced to take over his company, Taylor Interstellar Mining & Manufacturing Inc., (TIMMI). Skeptical of anyone else's ability to perform a job properly, especially androids—and deathly afraid of cryosleepshe must overcome her inability to trust and work in concert with others. Her aeronautical and mechanical knowledge is unequaled, her people skills, ghastly. Short-fused with anyone she deems an incompetent shirker, Veronika is not afraid to take what she considers to be ''calculated risks'' which others usually deem reckless.