The illustrated characters below are simply the author's imagined representation. 

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ZEKE ALEXANDER (20s), is trained in astrophysics and advanced navigation. Commander Zeke Alexander is the son of Rhea Alexander, British Columbia's League of American States senator. His father is L.A.S. Brigadier General Cyril Alexander. A brilliant and capable pilot, now in his first active command position—waking from cryosleep he finds the "robots" have failed to save two crew members from death. He’s outraged, distrustful of the androids and of Veronika's leadership due to her lack of training as a Captain, combined with her risky decision-making. Doubtful that this mission can succeed, during the difficult journey, Zeke observes Veronika's brilliance and integrity and gradually becomes her close ally in the face of a mutiny by some of the other crew members.