The illustrated characters below are simply the author's imagined representation. 

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LT. PHILEX-B (30), her name pronounced "fylex", is 5’ 9”, android, very attractive and equipped with enhanced strength. Unknown to her at first, Philex models are no longer being produced — she is the last of her kind. Like a young teenager, often distracted, she is on a constant search for life’s meaning. A major character, her search for transformation begins with constant questions directed to Veronika about love, family and why am I here. Distrusted, blamed and put down by the young crew for the death of their fellow crew members, she’s determined to understand and better relate to humans.

Philex-B is a continual annoyance to Veronika who determines that she's suffering from errant programming due to a lack of focus toward her responsibilities. Ultimately, the revelation about who she really is—more human than a robot—makes her a perfect ally and trusted friend to Veronika. A force to be reckoned with when they all face the giants of Nemesis, Philex-B builds a puzzling romantic relationship with?